The Zenit-TTL's Manual

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Page 7

Setting the aperture

The aperture can be controlled in two ways. Automatically and manually. For automatic control, adjust the control button (27) so, that 'A' is visible. The aperture is then automatically set to the right opening. For manual control, set the control button to its 'M' position. The aperture is then set by turning the ring (26).


You look through the viewfinder at your subject. See to it that the aperture has its largest opening. In the middle of the viewfinder you'll see an area of microcrystals. Turn the focusing ring (22) until the image in the middle of this area is clear and sharp. The crystals are then not visible. You can also focus by setting the distance ring (22) to the correct distance.

The way the depth-of-field scale works (24)

If the lens is focused, you can gather from this scale through which distance range a sharp image is produced. For example: if the distance is set at 3 meters and the aperture opening at '8', then the image is sharp from 2.3 to 4.5 m.

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