The Zenit-TTL's Manual

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The Zenit TTL is a semi-automatic single-lens reflex camera, with light metering through an outstanding lens. The most important part of the camera, right?

When you're looking for a good 35mm camera, you naturally think of Zenit. Cameras that have hundreds of thousands of happy owners across the globe. And that says something!

This is how the single-lens reflex system works

Through the viewfinder you see the subject that you want to take a picture of. Always parallax-free (so no distortion). Through a mirror you look 'through the lens' at the subject. On the schematical drawing, you can see which path the light follows. Through this lens the light is also metered for the exact exposure time. The moment you press the release button, the quick return mirror is slapped up, and the shot taken. A smart system isn't it, with which the best cameras are equipped.

The lens is interchangeable.

You can replace the standard lens by a telephoto lens (far away becomes close by). A wideanglelens (for a spacious view).
Bellows and between-rings allow macro and micro photography. Other facts and technical descriptions can be found in this booklet.

Zenit has an extensive range of cameras. From simple to very complete. Your photo store would love to tell you more.

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