The Zenit-TTL's Manual

Alfred's Camera Page
Page 5

Inserting the film

1. Open the back of the camera by sliding the metal lip upwards.
2. Lift up the crank and use it to pull the rewind button upwards.
3. Insert the new cassette into the empty space and push the rewind button back. Retract the crank.
4. Lead the film into the take-up spool and take care that the perforation fits the teeth.
5. Close the back.
6. Wind the wind lever until it halts, and release the shutter. By moving the lever, you transport the film and cock the shutter at the same time.
7. Because the first part of the film is exposed, you must transport twice. Then there's unexposed film behind the lens.
8. Now set the exposure counter to '1'.

Setting film sensitivity

The film sensitivity scale has the numbers 16, 32, 65, 130, 250, 500 for GOST and ASA values. The corresponding numbers 13, 16, 19, 22, 25 and 28 are for DIN values.

The film's box states its sensitivity. Set that number at the black triangle.

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