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I don't know a lot about this camera, other than that it's some kind of simplified domestic version of the Zenit-122. The only mention I have of this camera is a factsheet I found in a KMZ leaflet package. According to the factsheet (below), the 122B differs from the 122 by lack of a self timer and a checked-up shutter construction.

From the factsheet

The 'ZENIT 122B' semi-automatic camera is convenient for operation, inexpensive and reliable under working conditions. It has already become a favourite among the 35mm SLR cameras of home production.

'ZENIT 122B' posesses the same technical characteristics as 'ZENIT 122', a base model. Its distinction is only lack of a self-timer. All the main units and mechanisms are installed in a metal body, the outer plastic plates serving for functional design of the camera. The focal plane shutter is used in 'ZENIT 122B' camera, the shutter's construction being checked-up during testing the previous 'ZENIT 122' models. The minimum exposure time for providing the full opening a frame window is 1/30s. When using such an exposure time photographing with electronic flash units takes place, synchronisation being executed through a central contact or by means of the special socket of the cable connection. The film speed in ISO 16–500 range is introduced into an exposure meter with the help of the special limb. TTL exposure metering with light indication which takes place within the viewfinder facilitates the choice of exposure values. Focusing system operates in the manual mode with the help of the focusing wedges. Such a system lets to effect focusing for sharp image even under poor light conditions. Winding and rewinding are executed in the manual mode.

'ZENIT 122B' is complete with a new lens – 'MC Zenitar M2 2/50', such a lens being a real stroke of luck for the designers and process engineers of the enterprise. The lens is characterized by hightened resolution and good colour rendering. Focusing distance of the lens is 50mm, angular field of view (across a frame's diagonal) – 45°, minimal focusing distance is equal to 40 sm.

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