The Jupiter-9

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This page is no longer actively maintained. (Pardon?)

The Jupiter-9 85mm f/2 existed in many shapes and sizes. The most common are the M42 and the L39 versions, but there are versions in Kiev-10 and Kiev-Contax bayonet as well, to give you an idea. Because I only have the L39, it's the only one I'm going to describe here. Optically they're all the same anyway.

Only problem is you'll have to wait for the article, because my J9 is currently awaiting repair. Don't blame me, blame the Dutch mail for throwing it around.

The Jupiter-9 is a copy of the pre-war Zeiss Sonnar 85mm f/2, and perhaps that's the reason why this lens has such an outstanding reputation. In fact some even compare it favorably to Leica optics...


Focal length:85mm
Construction:7 elements in 3 groups
Angle of view:28°
Distance scale:1.15m - infinity
Diaphragm:Manual; f/2 - f/22
Filter size:49mm thread
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