The Fotokomplekt

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This page is no longer actively maintained. (Pardon?)

Many thanks to Paul Newman for supplying all pictures and information about this set.

The "Fotokomplekt" (abbreivated to 'FK' and meaning 'photo set') units consisted of a selection of KMZ's standard production cameras and lenses, mounted in a faux-leather suitcase. As the unofficial but well-informed KMZ camera list indicates, the line started off with the original Fotokomplekt and continued all the way to the Fotokomplekt-6 in 1997. Further extensions to the series seem to have been planned, but never left the project phase.

The unit on this page is one of the original Fotokomplekt sets. The serial number next to the logo dates the set to 1979, which explains why there's a Moscow-80 Zenit-TTL in there. The case appears to be built to last, with the exception of the dinky retainer straps.

The set contains:

  • Zenit TTL Moscow 1980 camera
  • 1× leather camera strap
  • 1× Zenit flash bracket
  • 1× MIR 10-A 3.5/28
  • 1× Zenitar M 1.7/50
  • 1× Helios 40-2 1.5/85
  • 1× Jupiter 21 M 4/200
  • 1× Flash shoe adaptor – provides rotation and tilt function to the camera's flash shoe
  • 1× remote shutter release cable
  • 3× macro rings
  • 1× lens hood
  • 6× assorted filters
  • 2× camera strap rings
  • 1× tripod thread adaptor
  • 1× full instructions in Russian
  • 1× set of passports for all equipment
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