The FS-122

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The FS-122 is, like the Horizon-202, a Russian niche product. No other companies, except perhaps Novoflex, produce these. And with reason, to be honest, because as I've found out, it's not a very practical set. Its appearance scares people, and it's heavy. The Tair is an excellent lens, but it deserves to be mounted on a tripod. The gunstock is too instable at slower speeds. Also, the Zenit-122 only takes film up to 400 ASA, and has a fastest shutter speed of 1/500s: not very suitable for tele photography.

See also my FS-12 page.

From the leaflet

The photographic set FC-122 comprises FOTOSNAIPER camera, MC HELIOS-44 M-6 interchangeable lens and a set of accessories.

The FOTOSNAIPER camera is designed for taking close-up pictures of distant objects, animals, birds and plants in natural environment, sports events, architectural structures on black-and-white and color films.

The FOTOSNAIPER camera is a combination of Zenit-122C semi-automatic SLR and MC Tair 3C telephoto lens mounted on a release mechanism.

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