The Konica C35

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So they say this camera has an excellent lens.


My C35 is adorned with a sticker from the Japanese Camera Inspection Institute.


The C35 has a Copal shutter. A Copal B Mat Special Programmed Automatic Shutter, in fact. Trust the manual on this one.

Removing the top cap

Unscrew the disc on top of the thumb lever with a two-pronged instrument in counterclockwise direction. A pair of tweezers will do if you don't have the proper tool. Remove the disc and the lever. Also remove the flange and the feather underneath; they're not screwed in, so just lift them out. Unscrew the bottom flange in counterclockwise direction. Then, unscrew the small screw below the rewind knob. Finally, open the film door and stick a screwdriver or a coin in the slit of the axis, then screw off the rewind knob in clockwise direction. The top should come off. Be careful not to rip loose the PC contact wire, as it tethers the top plate to the rest of the body. If necessary, you can solder the wire loose and re-solder it later.

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