The Zenit-TTL's Manual

Alfred's Camera Page
Page 10

Replacing the battery

Remove the lid (15) and take out the battery. Insert the new battery, with the + visible upwards, and close the lid. If the camera is not in use for a long time, then take out the battery.

Important tips

Applying slight pressure on the shutter release button is sufficient to take the picture. Applying firmer pressure can cause the camera to shake, which is not beneficient to the picture's sharpness.

We request that you obey all the advice in this manual. Incorrect use can result to unnecessary damage. And the warranty doesn't cover that.

Keep the camera in its carrying bag. Shutter and self-timer ought to be uncocked. To avoid dust gathering in the optical parts we avoid you to not unnecessarily remove the lens from the camera.

Clean the reflex-free lens only on the outside with a clean and soft lens cloth. This camera is a complicated instrument optically and mechanically. Eventual repairs may only be conducted by our instrument makers.

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