The Zenit-TTL's Manual

Alfred's Camera Page
Page 11

Technical description:

Semi-automatic single-lens reflex with a quick-return mirror and an automatic exposure meter.

Interchangeable lenses with an adjustable aperture mechanism. Manual operation of the aperture is also possible.

Film format24 x 36 mm
Length of a cassette-film1.65 m
Shutter speedsFrom 1/30 to 1/500 s. 'B' for longer exposures.
Standard lensHelios-44M
Focal length58mm
Largest openingf/2
Aperture scalefrom 2 to 16
Distance scalefrom 0.55 to infinity
Battery for light meterMallory type PX-13
Film sensitivity scaleFrom 16 to 500 GOST units
From 16 to 500 ASA units
From 13 to 28 DIN units
Lens threadM42x1
Filter threadM52x0.75
Tripod thread1/4"
Viewfinder image20 x 28 mm
Dimensions138x100x93 mm
Weight1.01 kg
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