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The last time I came to Italy was on my honeymoon, and I didn't have a camera — so this time I've bought a Zenith EM to capture those memories for good. I remember it being sunnier before... never mind, with my built-in light meter I can shoot confidently in any light — even inside the darkest cloisters, using the electronic flash. And with these Auto Extension Tubes I can get in really close to photograph details. I'll tell you another thing too — don't wait 'til your second honeymoon to get a Zenith EM!

Helios Auto Extension Tubes

Screwed between the lens and the camera body, these fittings allow a closer approach to the subject than even close-up lenses. In three lengths — 11mm, 20mm and 30mm — they may be used singly or in combination. Universal 42mm thread fitting.


An ideal 'walkabout' bag in tough, water-repellant material with grained vinyl trim. Padded for knock-protection; features four internal partitions, side pockets, protective feet and adjustable shoulder strap.

Mini tripod

The 'go anywhere' lightweight mini tripod which fits in your carrying bag — 22cm long when closed, 43cm extended; weight 575g. Complete with case.

For full range of accessories see pages 14-17 and 22-27.

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