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Some other products from T.O.E.

Vega Snowcap Refrigerators and Freezers

A choice of models to suit every household need — among the features are; brilliant white easy-clean cabinets, luxury interior fitments, magnetic seal, levelling feet, thermostat control — all economical in both price and operation.

Vega Radio, Tv and Hifi

The new extended range of home entertainment products brings you up to date with the latest in electronic equipment. VHF, LW, MW and SW Radios Mini Hifi, Speaker systems, Headphones, Colour and B/W Televisions — a great choice from a great range.

Vega Clocks

A superb selection of clocks from the latest quartz timepieces to classic traditional models — a clock to suit every setting and every taste.

Zenith Biolam Microscopes

T.O.E. microscopes share family characteristics with Zenith cameras: optical excellence, fine precision engineering, robust construction and moderate prices. There are models especially suitable for schools and colleges, as well as specialised instruments for industrial and research use.

Technical & Optical Equipment (London) Ltd.,

Zenith House, The Hyde, Edgware Road, London NW9 6EE.
Telephone: 01–200 6505, Telex: 261874.
Telegrams: TECOPTIC London NW9.

Every effort has been made to ensure accuracy of details and illustrations contained herein. We reserve the right however, to vary, modify or improve any specification and/or design at any time without prior notice.

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