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Zenith TTL

Top model in the range, the Zenith TTL provides the operational advantage of stop-down through-the-lens metering. Accurate assessment of exposure is ensured no matter what accessory you might use — filter, teleconverter or whatever — the built-in CdS cell always takes its reading through the accessory in use, thus automatically compensating for its effect. The viewfinder has a coincident needle system that indicates whether there is enough, too much or too little light, for correct exposure.

The Helios 44M standard lens of the Zenith TTL has been described as quite outstanding in its price range. Its automatic diaphragm remains open while you are viewing and focusing; then closes down to the preset aperture when you press the shutter release. There is manual override for depth-of-field preview. A fresnel screen with microprism spot makes for easy and accurate focusing. The rapid lever wind advances the film while resetting shutter and additive frame counter. The multi-slot take-up spool gives easy loading. Lens mounting is by Universal 42mm thread, so that you can easily substitute standard single-pin interchangeable auto lenses and accessories. Complete with ever-ready case and neckstrap.


Standard lens: 58mm Helios 44M, 6-element. Accepts 52mm screwmount filters. Apertures: f/2-f/16. Focusing: 0.5m-inf. Shutter speeds: 1/3oth-1/500th + 'B'. Electronic flash synchronised, delayed action. Through-the-lens Light Meter: Cds cell, powered by Mallory PX 625 battery (supplied), calibrated 16-500ASA/13-28DIN.

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