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"On this bend they come right under you at about 95 mph. You're only 20 feet away so you have to pan — and fast! With shutter speeds up to 1/500th of a second I can 'freeze' the action. Of course, I have to use a fast film, but through-the-lens metering means I can forget about exposure problems. It's excellent at close ups too — down to half a metre. The first day out with my TTL produced some really useful shots. Next season I hope to have a teleconverter or even a telephoto lens."


Mark has a choice of two teleconverters, to inexpensively double or treble the power of its standard 58mm lens. It simply screws on between the lens and the camera body, and effectively brings his subject that much closer.

200mm Telephoto Lens*

This is nearly four times as powerful as Mark's standard lens, which it replaces, so he'll have to beware of camera-shake, and possibly even use a tripod. It's also a little more expensive than the teleconverter, so probably worth mentioning near Christmas or next birthday!

Aluminium Cases

Once Mark has acquired a few accessories, he'll need a carrying case. This one's in reinforced aluminium, is lockable, and there's a choice of five sizes. See page 24 for full range.

*Using a teleconverter with the telephoto lens will give you a 400mm or 600mm lens.

Full lens specification on pages 14-16

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