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Just to avoid confusion: I don't really own a Leitz VIOOH, I just bought this brochure at a photo store for twenty eurocents. I figured that because everybody is interested in everything these days and because the Internet is the medium of choice for You, Dear Esteemed Member of the General Public, this snippet of Wetzlarian glory was worthy of a place on my website. If only to contrast with KMZ's Universal Viewfinder.

The shoddy German-to-English translation is my own. German is a second language for me just like English, so don't expect any linguistical fireworks here. Any information concerning historical value and dating (my guess is around 1950?) would be appreciated as usual. In your e-mails you may refer to me as Alfred the Leicamaster or Alfred The Man-O-Leica or similar, although this will generally not increase the chance of me replying promptly.

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