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The parallax (the result of the misalignment between the optical axes of the lens and viewfinder) that comes into play at close focus can be compensated by the parallax calculator (2). With shots at over 4m the dial can be set at the distance scale's infinity mark (∞), because the parallax takes effect only at object distances under 4m, the correct setting of which needs to be observed, so that the viewfinder image corresponds with the object field.

Scheme of the parallax compensation

  1. Ocular
  2. Parallax setting
  3. Placement foot
  4. Foot for flash or light meter
  5. Setting ring with range
  6. Prefix lens for 2,8 cm focal
LEITZ Universal ViewfinderVIOOH
Corresponding leather caseEBOOH
Prefix lens for 2,8 cm focalTUVOO
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